At the intersection of cattle & art


The Florida Cow Culture Preservation Committee (FCCPC) is preparing for a historic Quincentennial Celebration in December 2021 to honor 500 years of Cattle in Florida. As part of this celebration, cow hunters from across the state will drive 1,000 cattle through central Florida for seven days and will conclude at trail’s end with a grand party, open to the public.

As part of this celebration, FCCPC is partnering with local artists to create the Ponce de Leon 1521 Herd of 7 – seven life-sized fiberglass cracker bulls to represent the seven cattle that were brought over by the Spaniards in 1521. Once the bulls have been created, they will travel the state at numerous public events before they are auctioned off.

This three-year project will culminate with seven hand-sculpted fiberglass Bulls. A select group of artists will be commissioned to paint or embellish the Bulls upon completion.

Click here to apply to be an artist on the project.

Click here to download the Call to Artists form.

Calendar of Events


Sculpting of Bulls
Call for Sponsorships
Call to Artists


Artists Entries Due
Jury Selection
Match Party with Sponsors
Selected Artists Reception
Bulls are painted / embellished
Media Preview
Unveiling of Bulls
Bulls stay on display at Sponsor’s designated area for one year


Bulls are gathered up and start their journey as a herd to display at requested locations around the great State of Florida, to awe and educate communities of their historical significance.


Bulls are officially herded up and corralled for the Great Florida Cattle Drive 2021 Auction!

Sponsor Information

This is a public artworks project, and the Committee is currently seeking sponsors. For $4,000, sponsors will receive the following benefits:

  • National and international media exposure;
  • Sponsor name and logo on all publicity items for the project;
  • Permanent plaque on the sponsored bull featuring the sponsor’s name, title of art work and the artist’s name; and
  • Bull displayed for one year at a location of the sponsor’s choice.

Public events promoting the Quincentennial Celebration of Cattle in Florida include:

  • Artist / Sponsor Match Party
  • Herd Reveal Party
  • Stationary Public Display
  • Awards Presentation Party
  • Public Auction of Bulls

Sponsor Application

To apply for a sponsorship, please fill out the form below or download the sponsor application.

Application Information for Artists

The Florida Cow Culture Preservation Committee invites artists to apply to pain or embellish one of the Bulls in the Herd of 7. Each fiberglass Bull will measure 5 feet high and will weigh 150 lbs. on a rolling stand. The following information must be completed and submitted no later than March 30, 2019:

  1. Four slides of your work or a CD or thumb drive marked with your name; must include a description of the medium used in your work.
  2. Bull Design submitted on an 11×17 sheet of paper. Include your name and Bull’s name as well as a written description of your Bull and the materials you plan to use. Each artist may submit up to four designs. Download a copy of Bull Outline
  3. Resume, current address, phone number, email and/or fax.

Send packet to:

The James Museum of Western and Wildlife Art
Attn: Emily Kapes
150 Central Avenue
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Or email to Emily Kapes at

The Florida Cow Culture Preservation Committee will pay an honorarium of $1,500 to selected artists. They will match the artist with the Bull Sponsor at the Match Party.

Artists will receive their honorarium at completion of the Bull.

Selected artists are responsible for pick up and transport to and from Kissimmee, FL, at their expense. Bull weighs 150 lbs. and stands 5′ tall.

Selected and matched artists can view specific instructions regarding deadlines for pick-up and delivery at Artists may also download a copy of the Call to Artists form with application information.

Selection Process

A jury headed by The James Museum of Western and Wildlife Art, will receive and review all submissions. At the Committee’s discretion, selected artists’ designs will be placed in a portfolio.

Bull Sponsors will choose from the Portfolio or may contract directly with an artist. However, the Florida Cow Culture Preservation Committee reserves the right to approve all Bull designs. Artists must submit a design proposal. No Bulls will be released without prior design approval.


The Florida Cow Culture Preservation Committee will retain ownership of Bulls until they are sold at auction or through other mechanisms. Net proceeds from that auction will go to the Florida Cow Culture Preservation Committee.