join us for the reunion ride 2020





Our 2020 Reunion Ride takes place January 31 – February 3, 2020 and our head camp will be at the Florida Agricultural Museum, located approximately 20 miles south of St. Augustine. From there we can access some of the most beautiful remaining Old Florida terrain.

Co-Chairpersons and Co-Trail Bosses for this ride are Manny Alvarez and Cindy Stavely, and we look forward to a wonderful weekend with them.

As with all Reunion Rides, we won’t be driving a herd. This will be a fun and relaxing gathering of old and new friends. We will have two trail-bossed rides – one on Saturday and one on Sunday. However, you are free to ride with your friends and family on your own on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Unlike cattle drives, horse trailers are welcome at all Reunion Rides. You will not be limited to camping in assigned circles – this is a reunion ride and we encourage you to fellowship with old friends and make plenty of new ones.

We have activities scheduled for Friday and Saturday evenings as well as Sunday morning. Our Dutch oven and smoker cooked Prime Rib Dinner is always a crowd favorite, and additional activities will be posted soon.

This ride is also an excellent opportunity to practice the primitive camping skills and horsemanship skills you will need for the 2021 Cattle Drive – our Quincentennial Celebration. You will have many experienced primitive campers and cattle drive alumni who will gladly share their knowledge with you.

One of the most important aspects of our group is the preservation of the Florida Cow Hunter and Cracker Heritage as part of our Florida identities. This is why children 12 years and under are welcome free of charge (including their Saturday night great meal). We want youngsters to learn about our heritage and traditions and keep them alive for life. This also why our theme this year is “Return to our ranching and farming roots,” for we cannot fully understand the history of Florida without knowing the vital role of ranching and farming played, and continues to play, in the settlement and development of this state.

Your donation of $80 includes your Saturday night Prime Rib Dinner; no other meals are provided. We will have portable restrooms for everyone’s use and water for your horses; please bring buckets to water your horses.

Please read and follow all of the rules and regulations; they are designed to keep everyone and their livestock safe. Additionally, the Ride will be in January – be prepared for all weather conditions. Please ensure you have subscribed to our mailing list to receive additional information and important updates.

Thank you, and we’ll see you in January/February!

Rules & Regulations

PARTICIPATE AT YOUR OWN RISK. The Reunion Ride ’19 Committee is not responsible for loss or damages to you, your livestock or your equipment.

Refusal to follow the rules may result in dismissal from the Reunion Ride. The Reunion Ride ’19 Committee is arbiter of all rules and infractions; all decisions are final.

No one under 18 years of age is permitted on the Reunion Ride without a parent or legal guardian. A notarized legal document is required for minors not traveling with at least one parent.

All participants are under the supervision of the Trail Bosses and their assistants while on the trail. Riders must stay behind the Trail Boss.

Make sure your mount is fit for the ride and is trail broke.

All horses and mules must have a current negative EIA / Coggins test. Out-of-state equines must have current health certificates as well.

All riders and drivers, regardless of age, must be able to control their livestock at all times.

Do not crowd the horse or mule in front of you.

If your horse or mule is known to kick, put a red ribbon in its tail. If it bites, put a red ribbon on its forelock or bridle.

No stallions. NO EXCEPTIONS.

No ponying horses, with or without a rider. One rider one horse. No double riding. No bareback riding.

No consumption of alcoholic beverages while on horseback. Drunkenness will not be tolerated.

Cruelty or abuse to animals will not be tolerated. Penalty will be dismissal from the Ride.

Motorized vehicles are not authorized on the trail.

You are responsible for keeping and leaving your campsite clean. No littering or loitering on the Trail or in camp.

Picket lines are allowed between trees and from horse trailer to horse trailer. Ground tethering, panels, hobbling and electric corrals are also permitted. Be sure your horse will stand tied and that you know how to properly tie or picket.

No bathing or soap of any kind in water troughs. Bring buckets to water your mounts.

Fill all fire pits and practice safe use of fire. Always have at least five gallons of water at all fires at all times.

No firearms except law enforcement and permitted re-enactors.

No excessive profanity or horseplay. Plan to have a quiet camp after midnight.

Dogs are not allowed to go on the trail and must remain at camp properly restrained inside a trailer or in a kennel; owners may not leave dogs tied to trees. All dogs must be up to date on vaccinations. Dog owners are responsible for damages or injuries caused by their dogs.

We strongly encourage participants to wear traditional 1800s or western clothing. No T-shirts, shorts, tennis shoes or ball caps are permitted on the trail or outside your immediate camp. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Please use black or brown tack and saddles. No saddles with bright colors or animal prints.

No advertising on participating wagons, with the exception of our Official Sponsor Wagons.

Make sure you have a first aid kit for yourself and your animals.

Read and obey the State of Florida helmet law / Nicole’s Helmet Law for minors

Use good sense and common courtesy at all times, and the Ride will be enjoyable for everyone!